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I take a little powder, take a little salt,
put it in my shotgun, I go walkin' out

Jubba jubba, Jubba Jubba
wolly bully, wolly bully
looking high, looking low,
Gonna scare you up and shoot ya, Mister Charlie told me so.

I won't even take your life, won't even take a limb,
Just unload my shotgun, take a little skin.


Well you take my silver dollar, take those silver dimes,
Fix it up together in some alligator wine.

I can hear the drums, voodoo all night long,
Mister Charlie tells me I can't do nothing wrong.


[Solo over progression x 2]


Now Mister Charlie told me, won't you like to know,
Give you little warning before I let you go.


Triple-Triple Ending